After April 10 SHOW source code upload to GitHub continuosly

2018 / 04 / 11

SHOW will continue to upload source code to Github on April 10, (2018).


“ShowCoin” is the first interactive live streaming service that is decentralized.It is one currency redesigned on basis of a digital encryption technology based on the technologies integrating quantum chain and smart contract.With the emergence of ShowCoin, a benefit distribution mechanism without any cuts is established.The customers can directly reward the content producers.Based on the benefit distribution mechanism of ShowCoin, it is anticipated that more content producers will be willing to be involved.Not just the producers, but also the consumers will get involved in the ecosystem from traditionally passive participation.Thus it completely achieves the decentralized benefits distribution mechanism.

The next source code to upload: server code, iOS code, Android code. SHOW will upload source code to Github continuously.

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