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[08.06-08.12] 2018 ShowCoin Development Progress Weekly Report
The 28th issue of SHOW Weekly is coming! In the past week, SHOW went smoothly in all directions. The last report is as follows.[2018.08.06-2018.08.12]
2018 / 08 / 13
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[Critical Updates] On the Announcement of SHOW’s Launch of ShowCoin Smart Contract 2.0
The SHOW team will upgrade the show currency code from18:00:00,June 28, 2018, to 16:00:00, June 29, 2018 (GMT+8). The contract code name will be upgraded to ShowCoin2.0. The symbol will be constant.
2018 / 06 / 28
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Announcement of the Optimization on the Security System of SHOW's Data-Deleting Public Beta
We decided to suspend the external update of data-deleting public beta at 0:00 on June 8, 2018, so as to optimize the security defense system of SHOW's products.
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